Acelin "Ace" McDougal (b. 2002) is a twelve-year-old boy with super high-tech braces. He is the main character and protagonist in Get Ace.

Ace McDougal
Ace, the main character of the show
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First Voiced by David Myles Brown
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Ace Gets Braced

Depiction in the seriesEdit

In the previews, he was holding the leash when Lunchbox was running around and they got pictures and Becky was electrifying him like in the end of some episodes in the car, then it shows Professor Pringle drinking a milkshake and a drill at Ace's teeth, then it shows him in a dinosaur's mouth, then it flashes his cloning, flipping on a skateboard when Hugo was around, him running when Hilda and Ned were shadowing, he saw Tina and then Hilda and Ned tried to get Ace but fell, him getting put in the ice cream truck by the Krinkles, the ice cream truck in the air, him in the car, the monkey trying to get him, Gordon chasing him, him running in the Krinkle residence, and getting two people while dashing, enlarging the bug, passing through a man walking a dog, going up, and going down while everyone chases him.


He is good. He has braces power.


Ace wears a blue shirt with a yellow collar and long dark grey trousers that are rolled up at the ends. He has red and white running shoes. He used to have round glasses when he was 4-11 years old, but they got replaced by trapezium-shaped ones by Professor Pringle. He has his blue braces on his top teeth. According to Professor Pringle, he has a bad overbite. Ace has messy red hair and is quite lean with long arms.

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